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Team Dimac

Who we are

We are a benchmark in the production and supply of polyurethanes, liquid colours and additives for PU/TPU. Together with our partners, we offer a wide range of products and raw materials for different sectors, such as footwear, giving them also an efficient technical and logistical support.

We are not simply dealers but consultants.

During these years we have gained total knowledge of production processes and materials: polyurethane, liquid colours and additives. We know how a machine works, how a product reacts and what happens during the injection or colouring processes.

For every problem, we have a solution. For every question, we have an answer.

We work quickly to reduce production and distribution times, we work with precision to offer an accurate and reliable service, and we are responsive to all customer requests.


Producing and commercializing only excellent products to meet the needs of our customers.​


Being a specialist and a reliable partner in the raw materials and liquid dyes sector.

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