Our Products


We have been agents, distributors and retailers of Dow polyurethanes for more than 35 years. We are a point of reference in Italy for polyurethane polyether, polyester and hybrid systems in the footwear sector.

Liquid Colours

Our Repi liquid colours are specific for coloring expanded and compact polyurethane, both polyether and polyester. They are dispersions of organic pigments in a vehicle that is perfectly compatible with the components of polyurethane foams.


Our range of additives is designed to characterize polyurethane systems, colours and release agents according to the customer’s production needs. These liquid additives are mainly used as an aid in the performance and protection of the finished product to improve its resistance to heat, reduce oxidation and protect it from aging.


TPUs combine the high properties of polyurethanes to the possibility of transformation through thermoplastic processing technologies. APAN TPUs are high performance elastomers that guarantee excellent properties physical-mechanical. Furthermore, they can be customized according to the user’s needs.


Our product portfolio includes also masterbatches for all thermoplastic materials, taking into account all the customer’s process and product needs.

It ranges from customizable masterbatches according to the RAL and Pantone range, black and white masterbatches, to special effects or metallized masterbatches.