Angelo Diterlizzi and his sons found the Dimac electromechanical workshop. It provides assistance to shoe and upper factories for the operation, assembly and disassembly of machinery for the manufacture of PU and PVC soles.

Dimac participates in the various editions of the Simac fair as a representative of DS and Ottogalli machinery.

Early 80's


During the Simac exhibition, Dimac comes into contact with Dow Italia, a company that commercialize polyurethane, used in DS and Ottogalli machinery.

Dimac becomes sales representative of Dow Italia products, combining polyurethane sales with electromechanical service.

Dimac becomes sales representative of Repi liquid colours for PVC. Thanks to its technical expertise, Dimac design a new dosing system capable of injecting Repi colourants into neutral PVC.



Following new European regulations restricting the use of PVC, Dimac decides to focus on polyurethane. Thanks to its knowledge of the material, Dimac is one of the first companies in the area to deal with the consulting and sale of polyurethane. Footwear companies rely on Dimac when choosing and using the material.

Dimac begins to participate in trade fairs related to the production of safety and sports footwear. The company is increasingly concentrating in the area of raw materials.



The market is growing: it’s time to evolve. Dimac also becomes a distributor for the Dow Italia and Repi brands.

Dimac’s partners grow. In addition to Dow Italia and Repi, Dimac becomes distributor of Evonik (release agents and additives for polyurethane) and Aipol (TPU).



Dimac sells its electromechanical business unit. It can now dedicate itself entirely to the sale of polyurethane and the distribution of liquid colours and additives for PU/TPU.
In its third generation, Dimac is now a national and international benchmark of the companies operating in its sector.